WSAZ presents “Golden Apple Award” to Mrs. Precious Lung, Wellston City Schools BCBAFree Access

Pictured is Precious Lung, Wellston City Schools Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, who recently received WSAZ’s Golden Apple Award due to her exceptional teaching efforts within the school system. (Photo Courtesy of Wellston City Schools)

Wellston City Schools (WCS) recently received a special visit from WSAZ News Anchor Rob Johnson of News Channel 3 on Tuesday, Dec. 12. Specifically, the TV crew arrived to honor Wellston City Schools’ Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Mrs. Precious Lung, with the “Golden Apple Award” — an award to honor excellence in teaching and leadership and to recognize positive contributions to education.

To clarify her journey in education, prior to the current school year, Mrs. Lung spent 11 years in the classroom at Wellston City Schools as a Kindergarten, First- and Second-Grade teacher within Bundy Elementary School. The path to her current role as a BCBA of Wellston City Schools ties to her passion of helping children — a passion especially linked to her work with students with Autism and children with special needs, many of whom experience difficulty regulating emotions and behaviors.

Precious shared that she pursued her Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Analysis (at the University of Cincinnati) to assist in supporting more students through specialized training in behavioral supports and to help the collective Wellston City School District in her new role. To that effect, Precious earned 2000 field hours under the mentorship of a veteran BCBA, receiving a passing score on an exam (an exam generally estimated at a 60 percent passage rate), thereby allowing her to achieve her BCBA certification and permitting her to work directly with students who need increased behavioral support.

Precious represents the first Board-Certified Behavior Analyst in the school district; more specifically, Precious is the first BCBA employed by a school district in Southern Ohio.

The district supported Precious in her educational pursuits, clearly recognizing the importance of the role, especially toward strengthening the district’s longstanding efforts and achievements in the framework of Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS), a longstanding federal mandate prompting an instructional approach to discipline in creating a climate of compassionate care through the clarification, teaching and reinforcement of positive behavior expectations.

Simply put, PBIS is rooted in teaching students “what to do” — better known by the motto of “Rocket Pride” within Wellston City Schools — aligned with tenets of Respect, Responsibility and Right Choices (Three Rs). This is a framework which links closely to the district’s efforts with Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), as well.

As a BCBA of the Wellston City School District, Mrs. Lung works closely with teacher teams — most notably PBIS Teams, principals, counselors and social workers — to identify students with behavioral needs who could benefit from additional and specialized support, such as behavior plans. To this effect, Precious works to collect observational data regarding student behavior in order to design specialized plans to fit individual needs.

In turn, this connects with students, families and training teacher teams in evidence-based strategies and implementation of plans and progress monitoring toward the goal of students self-regulating and becoming successful in all walks of life. Precious extends her work outside the school day as well with offerings to train local salons in supporting children with Autism to feel more comfortable in attending salon visits and receiving haircuts.

In summary, positively supporting behavior is a foundational piece to supporting the needs of the whole child, creating an improved “feel” or climate to school, thereby prompting more time for academics and learning. Mrs. Lung’s hopes are that her efforts to support behavior will help make school a better place for all.

The City of Wellston has already seen the positive effects of this special BCBA, whose ambition, knowledge, professionalism, kindness and care make her a great example of a Golden Rocket and, moreover, a “Golden Apple” winner.

Congratulations to Precious for her perseverance in making a difference in education, one student at a time.

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