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Pictured are many of the winners from the 2023 Wellston High School Art Festival. In the front row are Shamira Sparks, Bianca Rippeth, Best of Show Literature; Shayla Rice, Best of Show Art; Savannah Deaterla, Madelyn Weber, and Allison Kilgour. In the middle row are Hannah Predragovitch, Max Stabler, Nik Hill, Devon Ordender, Blake Dazey, and Jamie Stabler. In the back row are Sammie Cottrill, Jake Hollingshead, and Devin McNeal. (Photo Courtesy of Tina Callahan)

The Wellston High School (WHS) Art Festival once again brought together artwork and literature under the same roof this year. The Art Festival was held over the course of two days (May 9-10) in the WHS Gym.

Wellston High School Art teacher Elijah Wagner told The Telegram that approximately 150 pieces of art were on display this year. The Telegram learned from Wellston High School English teacher Tina Callahan that there were around 200 poems this year.

Shayla Rice, a 12th-grader at Wellston High School, received the honor of Best of Show Art for her clay creation entitled “Spooky Snail.”

Pictured is the Best-of Show piece of art by Shayla Rice. It was a clay creation entitled “Spooky Snail.” (Telegram Photo by Jeremiah Shaver)

“Spooky Snail is a project I made with clay,” said Rice. “I got the inspiration for the project because I knew that I wanted to make a snail already, but I was having trouble making the shell.”

Rice said, “I was able to solve this problem by making the shell a pumpkin because it was around Halloween time. The hat was later added on because I felt that something was missing. Overall, I am really proud of how Spooky Snail turned out because I think it is a really cute take on a normal snail.”

The Best of Show Literature went to Bianca Rippeth for her book of poetry.

The WHS Art Festival winners were:


Shayla Rice, 1st

Baylee Hall, 2nd

Max Stabler, 3rd

3d Art:

Katie Johnson, 1st

Madelyn Weber, 2nd

Jamie Stabler, 3rd

Digital Art:

Caitlyn Wolfe, 1st

Bianca Rippeth, 2nd


Marissa Scott, 1st

Sydney Coffman, 2nd

Madison Corvin, 3rd


Pictured is the Best of Show piece of literature by Bianca Rippeth. It was a book of poetry. (Telegram Photo by Jeremiah Shaver)

Paige Collins, 1st

Victoria Baker, 2nd

Aliyah Conn, 3rd

Best of Show Art:

Shayla Rice

Short Poem:

Aliyah Conn (poem: Feel), 1st

Sammie Cottrill (poem: Phone), 2nd

Alexis Freeman (poem: Uh-Oh) and Savannah Deaterla (Poem 2), tied 3rd

Long Poem/Poetry Book:

Devin Orender, 1st

Blake Dazey, 2nd

Shamira Sparks, 3rd

Deven McNeal, Honorable Mention

Best of Show Literature:

Bianca Rippeth

Best in Animation:

Jake Hollingshead

Best Photography:

Madelyn Weber

People’s Choice:

Maddie Boggs

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