Vinton County Senior Citizens’ News NotesFree Access

On Monday, Oct. 2, we will have the Tai Chai program. Tuesday, Oct. 17 will be the date for our Chicken Noodle Drive-Through Dinner! We wanted to come back inside for dinners, but there is not enough parking available to do so.

To book transportation, remember to call 740-596-4706 as soon as you get dates for your appointments.


Menus for the week of Oct. 2:

Monday – Baked steak, whipped potatoes, green beans, bread and apple cobbler.

Tuesday – Macaroni and cheese, stewed tomatoes, cauliflower, pudding and vanilla wafers.

Wednesday – Beef and vegetable soup, crackers, sandwich and mandarin oranges.

Thursday – Seafood patty, potatoes, biscuit and mixed fruit.

Friday – Oven fried chicken, whipped potatoes, Brussels sprouts, rolls and fruit.


Menus are subject to change!

Services are rendered on a non-discriminatory basis!

The center and vans are handicapped-accessible!

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