The new ‘Hidden Treasures’ of JacksonFree Access

New pallet-purchase business opens on Pearl Street

Jennifer Smith, proprietor of Hidden Treasures Wholesalers, stands at the storefront of the shop’s Pearl Street location in Jackson. (Telegram Photo by Alex Shope)

Local area curiosity hunters and deal-seekers may find their needs satisfied at Jackson’s new wholesale business.

Hidden Treasures of 222 Pearl St. in Jackson celebrated its opening with an open house event on Saturday, Nov. 5. The business, which is owned and operated by lifelong Jackson local Jennifer Smith, has operated in an online format since its inception. Smith spoke with The Telegram during the opening, where she served hot dogs and refreshments to her customers.

Functioning in a manner similar to Apple City Wholesalers, Hidden Treasures purchases pallets of goods and offers them at wholesale, less-than-retail prices to its customers; these prices can be very low and a boon to bargain hunters. Homemade crafts, graphic shirts and much more are also sold with these discounted stocks.

Jennifer Smith stands within the interior of her store, which boasts a rotating stock that will rarely be similar on consecutive visits. (Telegram Photo by Alex Shope)

In its previous iteration, Hidden Treasures allowed shoppers to order these items and pick them up from a St. Rt. 788 location – a process that Smith felt was unappealing to her customer base. Stating that her intent had always been to operate a small, physical store on the premise of Hidden Treasures, Smith took the leap and transcended her dream into reality. The undertaking has, reportedly, been successful so far as area residents are slowly introduced to the new downtown addition.

“We’ve slowly been getting started, but we’re getting it going!” said Smith.

Along with the food, Hidden Treasures also offered door prizes and a gift card giveaway for those who had attended the opening.

As there is no set category of items that Hidden Treasures offers, the stock available in-store will rarely be the same on consecutive visits. Smith urges prospective shoppers to check regularly with the Pearl Street location and the Hidden Treasures Wholesalers Facebook page to stay up to date on what the store is offering.

“If you see something here you like, make sure you get it,” advised Smith. “Next time, it might not be here!”

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