S&S Derby Promotions to present Josh Jones Memorial Derby: Fall Havoc 2022Free Access

The Josh Jones Memorial Derby: Fall Havoc 2022 will take place on Saturday, Nov. 5 at the Jackson County Fairgrounds.

Payouts are as follows:

V-8 Street Stock: $1,500, $500 and $300.

V-8 Pro Stock: $1,500, $500 and $300.

Compact Street Stock: $1,500, $500 and $300.

Compact Gut and Go: $1,500, $500 and $300.

Trucks, Vans and SUVs: $500 (based on 10 cars; if less, payout goes to 100 percent)

Compact Youth Stock: 100 percent pay and a trophy

Power Wheels: Every kid gets a trophy

Two Maddog Awards: $500

Payouts can be adjusted the day of the derby. This means that they can be raised, but they cannot be lower than what is advertised. Pay is more likely to be adjusted based on how many vehicles are present in a particular class.

The cost for driver entry is $75 per driver. Attendees can purchase entry with a pit pass for $20. Kids of ages 5 and under will be admitted free.

Gates will open at 12 p.m., at which point inspections will take place until 6 p.m. The derby itself will begin at 7 p.m. To view derby rules or for more information, please visit the S&S Derby Promotions Facebook page.

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