Shake my hand, now, always and forever

Questioning one’s leaders is not disrespect… it is patriotism

(Editor’s Note: This article was provided by well-known local physician, Dr. Patrick Ball, in response to recent articles or letters by his colleagues, which were in response to his initial articles regarding the pandemic and how we as a civilization respond.)


Once again, I fear that I have failed to convey my message of freedom. Dr. Neff’s well-written article bears evidence of such. One of her major points of contention was that I should not blame government agencies for disallowing face-to-face encounters with my patient, but should take the issue up with the hospital I work for. I had already done that long before either of our articles had appeared in The Telegram. The hospital administration was in fact quite receptive to my position on continuing face-to-face visits. My nurse and I had even worked out a plan to do home visits for the more vulnerable elderly population. However, due to guidelines set forth by state and federal agencies, they reluctantly informed me that we could only do traditional exams on a very limited basis. I had not done a fact-check regarding this issue, but Dr. Neff had and I take her at her word that there are no laws prohibiting our intentions; but I propose there are unwritten laws that produce the same effect.

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