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Pictured are the five recruits that were welcomed prior to their Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy training at the second Signing Day event held at the Jackson Post of the OSHP. (From left to right) The cadets are Todd Wallingford, Seth Moody, Dylan Spackey, Ethan Rider and Caden Welch along with Max Morris (left) and Craig Cvetan of the OSHP. (Telegram Photo by Alex Shope)

Five new cadets have taken the next step toward leaving behind their civilian lives as officers of the respectable Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP).

At 8:15 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 14, these five young men were welcomed by a new Signing Day event by members of the OSHP Jackson Post and beyond, including District 9 Commander Craig Cvetan and Jackson Post Commander Aaron Morgan. During this recognition, the cadets were formally welcomed to the OSHP by signing a formal document – a pledge to uphold the admirable standards set by the Patrol and to serve their communities to the best of their ability.

As explained during the inaugural Signing Day event, which was held in June, the documents also serve as retention measures for the cadets, who will always be able to look back on their Signing Day and take into account the promise they made before their families and their future colleagues.

The recruits are all from – generally – the local area and signed their documents along with the attending members of their families. First to sign was Seth Moody of Chillicothe, then Ethan Rider of Ray, then Dylan Spackey of Rockbridge, then Todd Wallingford of Vinton and finally Caden Welch of Waterloo. These four men will join the OSHP 171st Class and spend roughly six months at the Academy in training.

Todd Wallingford of Vinton signs his ceremonial document along with his attending family.

Commander Cvetan began the event by reciting the written pledge before the cadets and their families, which was repeated by the standing young men, who had raised their hands. Following the ceremonial signing of each cadet and their chosen familial witness, Cvetan expressed his optimism and his faith toward the five potential troopers. He spoke briefly on the rigorous challenge that the Patrol Academy would present, as its standard training has always been made extremely challenging to better prepare troopers for the situations they may encounter while on the job.

“Hopefully,” he added while addressing the recruits, “you’ll all want to come back to this [the Jackson] district. We’re a little short on troopers at the moment, and I thank you and your families for stepping up to this challenge.”

OSHP Public Information Officer Lt. Nathan Dennis stressed the importance of the organization’s proud focus on family involvement and transparency, as the families of these cadets will provide the lion’s share of support throughout the careers of these potential troopers.

“This is an exciting day for these cadets,” said Dennis. “They’re in for a long, strenuous training, but also long, rewarding careers. To bring in families to share in the beginning of this moment with them, it’s big for them and it’s big for the Ohio State Highway Patrol. It’s valuable to the success of troopers’ careers to include family.”

Ethan Rider of Ray signs his ceremonial document along with his attending family.

Before leading the cadets and their families on a tour through the Chillicothe Pike post, Jackson Post Commander Morgan also broke down what to expect from the Patrol Academy, relaying that the tests they would face in the coming months would prepare them for life as an OSHP trooper. Like Cvetan, he was positive and enthusiastic concerning the journey on which the five were about to embark and praised the discipline that the training would impart – but also the experience itself.

“This is going to be one of the best times of your career,” Morgan assured them. “This is your time at the Academy now.”

If you may be interested in signing up to become a trooper of the OSHP, or to learn about the broad spectrum of opportunities available, please visit www.statepatrol.ohio.gov.

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