Jackson May Divorces and DissolutionsFree Access

The following divorces were processed in the Jackson County Court of Common Pleas, Civil Divisions in the period covering May 23, 2022, and May 25, 2022.

Ryan Hall, Jackson, and Kasey Hall, Jackson; one minor child.

Steven Willis, Jackson, and Vicky Willis, Jackson.

Eugene Hommes, Chillicothe, and Bonita Hommes, Jackson; six minor children.

Jeffrey Adkins, Jackson, and Rebecca Adkins, Jackson.

Ell Arnett, Jackson, and Libby O Neeley, Prestonburg, KY.


The following dissolutions were processed in the Jackson County Court of Common Pleas, Civil Divisions in the period covering May 2, 2022, and May 20, 2022.

Erika Miranda, Cincinnati, and Vincente Padilla, Hamilton; two minor children.

Patricia Brown, Middletown, and Douglas Brown, Middletown; two minor children.

Lisha Michels, Eaton, and Joshua Michels, West Alexandria; two minor children.

Adell Lawrence, Dayton, and Erica Pernell-Lawrence, Dayton; two minor children.

Sharon Hamby, Dayton, and Chris Hamby, Miamisburg.

Richard Kisor, Jr., Jackson, and Kristin Kisor, Jackson.

Amanda Deaton, Middletown, and Joshua Deaton, Middletown; two minor children.

Aning Owusu, Hamilton, and Abigail Amoako, Hamilton.

Tiffany Taylor, Middletown, and Brandon Roberts, Middletown; two minor children.

William Gonzales, Hamilton, and Brooke Childress Gonzalez, West Chester.

Lindsey Ross, Middletown, and Michael Ross, Middletown; three minor children.

Ashley Haggard, Middletown, and Kevin Haggard, West Chester.

Brianna McIntire, Jackson, and James McIntire, Jackson.

Tara Salyers, Oak Hill, and James Salyers, Jr., Oak Hill; two minor children.

Yvonne Baker, Dayton, and Terrence Hendricks, Dayton.

Amy Farrell, Harrison, and Raymond Farrell, Harrison; one minor child.

Angela Blanton King, Wellston, and Shawn King, Albany.

Amanda Poe, Oak Hill, and William Poe, Jackson.

Mallie Stump, Oak Hill, and Nathan Stump, Oak Hill.

Cecil Spires, Jackson, and Beth Spires, Jackson.

Derrick Kollin, Somerville, and Maggie Kollin, Dayton; two minor children.

Brent Green, Miamisburg, and Jennifer Green, Miamisburg.

Joseph Swords, Jackson, and Breana Swords, Thurman; two minor children.

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