Jackson County voters heavily favor Republican candidates in statewide, district racesFree Access

Most Jackson County voters unsurprisingly favored Republican candidates in the district and statewide races of the 2022 General Election. Overall, 42.4 percent of Jackson County’s 20,752 registered voters cast ballots in the Nov. 8 contest, according to the Jackson County Board of Elections.

In the race for Gov. and Lt. Gov., incumbents Mike DeWine and Jon Husted nabbed 6,857 votes (79.4 percent) compared to Democrat challengers Nan Whaley and Cheryl Stephens’ 1,703 votes. Likewise lopsided was the race for Attorney General, with Republican incumbent Dave Yost bringing in 6,866 votes (79 percent), and Democrat Jeffrey Crossman receiving 1,817.

The hotly contested and highly publicized race for U.S. Senator went Republican candidate J.D. Vance’s way in Jackson County, as he received 6,435 votes (74.16 percent) compared to Democrat Tim Ryan’s 2,229 votes.

Republican incumbent Auditor of State Keith Faber received 6,641 votes (77.8 percent) in Jackson County, compared to Taylor Sappington’s 1,895 votes, Republican incumbent Secretary of State Frank LaRose earned 6,728 votes (77.66 percent), while Democrat challenger Chelsea Clark nabbed 1,837 votes, and Republican incumbent Treasurer of State Robert Sprague received 6,744 votes (78.18 percent) compared to Democrat Scott Schertzer’s 1,882 votes.

In the race for Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, Republican candidate Sharon Kennedy received 6,599 votes (76.53 percent), while Democrat Jennifer Brunner earned 2,024 votes. For the Ohio Supreme Court Justice term commencing Jan. 1, 2023, Republican Pat Fischer received 6,597 votes (76.7 percent), while Democrat Terri Jamison earned 2,003 votes, and for the Ohio Supreme Court Justice term commencing Jan. 2, 2023, Republican Pat DeWine received 6,580 votes (76.48 percent) to Democrat Marilyn Zayas’ 2,024 votes.

The contest for Ohio’s 2nd District U.S. Congressional seat saw Republican Brad Wenstrup nab 6,583 votes (76.75 percent), while Democrat Samantha Meadows earned 1,994 votes. In the race for 17th District State Senator, Republican Shane Wilkin earned 6,675 votes (77.6 percent) to Democrat Garry Boone’s 1,927 votes.

As for the two statewide issues on the ballot, Jackson County voters were heavily in favor of both, with Issue 1 receiving 6,853 affirmatory votes (80.89 percent), and Issue 2 receiving 7,309 affirmatory votes (85.47 percent).

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