Handgun found in student’s bookbag at South Elementary SchoolFree Access

The Vinton County Sheriff’s Office (VCSO) was called Tuesday, Aug. 22  to South Elementary in Hamden after a handgun was found in a student’s book bag inside the school.

According to Vinton County Sheriff Ryan Cain, school resource officers with VCSO received a complaint from the Vinton County Schools administration that there was a firearm on the premises at South Elementary. Deputies responded to the school building and an investigation was initiated.

Deputies recovered a small handgun from a South Elementary student’s book bag. The involved student was removed from the school and taken into custody of the VCSO. No bullets were contained within the handgun and no bullets were located on the student’s person or on Vinton County School property, Sheriff Cain reported.

“After the student was taken into custody and the firearm was seized, it was deemed safe to resume school activities,” Cain said in a news release.

Sheriff Cain would like to thank the South Elementary School administration and Vinton County Schools Superintendent Rick Brooks for their assistance in the matter and ensuring the safety of the South Elementary staff and students.

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