Grace United Methodist Church honors veterans with special serviceFree Access

(Photo Courtesy of Nina Rose)

On Sunday, Nov. 6, Grace United Methodist Church of Jackson recognized the upcoming national Veterans’ Day. The worship service began by asking the congregation to stand. Afterward came the Presentation of Colors, the playing of The Star-Spangled Banner and pledges to both the United States flag and the Christian Flag. The veterans in attendance were then asked to come forward. Recognition and gratitude were expressed to these veterans in patriotic readings. Everyone was reminded that the service of our country’s veterans enables each of us to enjoy many freedoms, especially the freedom to gather to worship, such as on that very morning. Each of the veterans was presented with a red carnation. Additionally, a white carnation was presented to the survivors of deceased veterans from Grace Church. Lastly, members of the congregation were invited to personally shake hands and thank each veteran for his or her service. Pictured (from left to right) are the veterans honored: Glynn Staten, U.S. Air Force Reserve and Ohio Air Guard; Brian Farr, U.S. Air Force; Bob Hollar, U.S. Navy; Judy Mahoney, U.S. Navy; and Monte Gilliland, U.S. Navy.

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