Employee retires from DOE site after 46 yearsFree Access

Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth Site Project Director Greg Wilkett (left) thanks and congratulates Charlie Beattie (right) for his more than 46 years of service.

When Charlie Beattie first began working as a janitor at the Department of Energy’s Portsmouth site, he didn’t know he would eventually find his way to Power Operations. During the in-between years, he worked in Converter Maintenance, Cascade Maintenance, and Feed and Withdrawal Operations. Beattie retired recently from Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth with more than 46 years of service.

Beattie plans to travel, spend more time with family, go hunting and work in his woodshop.

“I would like to tell everyone to keep moving forward, meet new challenges as they arise and conquer them,” Beattie shared. ”We are all here to grow as individuals, provide for our families, raise our children, and reach a point in our lives when we can retire and do the things that are really important — be with family and friends.”

For more information about Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth, please visit www.fbportsmouth.com.

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