102 Twin Oaks Drive, Jackson: Future home of the Jackson County Health DepartmentFree Access

Jackson County Health Commissioner Kevin Aston (center) is pictured standing in front of the office property at 102 Twin Oaks Drive in Jackson, which the Health Department recently purchased from Ohio Valley Bank. Pictured (from the left) are Ryan Jones of OVB, Health Commissioner Aston and Adam Massie of OVB. (Photo Courtesy of Jackson County Health Department)

(Editor’s Note: The following news release and statement was submitted by Jackson County Health Commissioner Kevin Aston and addressed the Health Department’s plans to move from its current location at 200 E. Main St. in downtown Jackson to 102 Twin Oaks Drive, Jackson.)


The Jackson County Health Department (JCHD) would like to announce that it has finalized the purchase of the building and its underlying property located at 102 Twin Oaks Drive in Jackson, from its previous owner, Ohio Valley Bank Company. Once renovations of the new building have been completed, the JCHD’s staff and resources will move out of its current space to inhabit the facility. The move will occur sometime in 2023, and this location will serve as the JCHD’s new home.

The JCHD is a growing organization, thanks to the many state and federal grants for which the department writes and is awarded; sexually-transmitted diseases, harm reduction, replacement septic systems for homes with failures, tobacco cessation, community health resiliency, dental sealants, naloxone, and public health workforce development are just a few examples of recent grants that the JCHD has been awarded.

As such, the department has more than outgrown its current location at 200 East Main St. in Jackson. A move to the 102 Twin Oaks Dr. premises will not only provide enough office space for the JCHD’s current staff but will allow for the department’s continued expansion to meet Jackson County’s emerging needs. Most of all, this new location will grant the health department additional clinical space, a deficit in its current location that was clearly identified during the COVID-19 pandemic and this additional clinical capacity will allow the department to increase the variety of clinical services the JCHD is able to offer to the community.

The site on Twin Oaks Drive has the unique features of being easily accessible to State Route 32, with plenty of parking, and most importantly, is right across the highway from Holzer Medical Center–Jackson. This will undoubtably enhance the partnership between the Holzer Health System and the health department as well synergize care to patients of both entities.  

The decision to buy this building was made by Jackson County’s Board of Health after very careful consideration over the course of months about the health department’s office space limitations. The JCHD’s relatively modest revenues (compared to other local health departments nearby and throughout Ohio) meant that the Health Commissioner and the Board had to carefully budget to be able to afford to purchase any new facility, and this process has been ongoing for several years. The right facility also had to be selected so that not only could the JCHD afford it, but so that the public would be getting great value out of those limited public health dollars expended. The county’s Board of Health is confident that it has made the right decision on behalf of all Jackson County citizens. To be as clear as possible, no new taxes will be levied and no fees will increase as a result of the purchase.

The JCHD staff conducted a public forum which was open to the public on Tuesday, Oct. 18 from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. at the Emmanuel Baptist Church, located at 201 Breaden Ave. in Jackson, which is close to the new building. The JCHD staffers scheduled the event to introduce themselves to the neighborhood and to answer any questions about the new building or the health department’s services. The JCHD would also like to thank the Emmanuel Baptist Church for hosting this event.

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