Things to know about local COVID-19 vaccine distribution


(Editor’s Note: As a public service, Holzer Health System has released information providing details about the COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan in place area counties, including Jackson and Vinton,)


Like everything else with COVID-19, getting your vaccine shot could be complicated. The week of Jan. 19 launched the initial round for the State of Ohio to begin public vaccinations for Ohioans 80 years and older, followed on by the week of Jan. 25 the expansion to 75 years and older, and those with certain severe congenital and developmental disorders.  The expansion of eligibility to get vaccinated in the State will continue to occur over the next several weeks. 

Vaccination schedule for Ohio Schools announced, including those in Jackson, Vinton counties

Ohio K-12 schools, including public, private, and career-tech entities, now know when their teachers and staff necessary for in-person learning are able to begin receiving COVID-19 vaccines. The information was announced Friday, Jan. 29, by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.

2021-01-30 E-Edition